The Safety Net for Children with Diabetes in the US

This is an interactive map which shows variation in safety net medical coverage and coordination of care for children with diabetes in the US.
Move the mouse over individual states to explore the variation.

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Does not provide medical coverage or coordination of care.
Only provides coordination of care.
Medical Coverage: yes
Coordination of Care: yes
Maximum age of eligibility: 21
Title V income requirement: 300 FPL
SCHIP income requirement: 200 FPL
Medicaid income requirement: 200 FPL
Maximum coverage cap:: $10,000/admission
with a lifetime maximum of $5,000
Coverage provided for: Visits with a Medical Provider, Visits with a Dietician, Diabetes Education, Mental Health, Transportation, Insulin

Title V Programs exist in every US state, and can serve as a safety net for children with chronic diseases including children with diabetes. In 2006, we contacted Title V Programs in all 50 states to examine whether children with diabetes are covered by Title V programs and what types of services (medical coverage and coordination of care) are covered.

The dark blue states provide medical coverage and coordination of care. The light blue states provide only coordination of care. The gray states do not provide medical coverage or coordination of care.

We found that children with diabetes were eligible for Title V programs in just 32 states, which at a minimum would provide assistance with coordination of care for these children. However, only twenty-six states (51%) provided medical coverage to pay for visits with health care professionals and medications like insulin. Only 24 states also covered diabetes supplies (eg, glucometer strips, syringes). The bottom line is that children who do not have access to a private health plan, and who do not qualify for income-based programs like Medicaid may not have access to the basic elements of care, simply based on geography.

This visualization is based on the publication: " State-to-State Variability in Title V Coverage for Children with Diabetes" by Peter M Wolfgram, Jaimie Sarrault, Sarah J Clark, and Joyce M Lee. J Pediatr 2013 Apr; 162(4):873-5.PMID: 23324525

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This visualization was created with the help of Mike Travers using d3.js.